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Welcome to the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal

In 2006, JGI’s presence entered Nepal through its Roots and Shoots program as a means for motivated youth to implement their passions for conservation, which stemmed from inspiring works originating in 2002.

Established in 2012, the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal continues to follow the mission of R&S as a nonprofit conserving endangered species, protecting habitats, and natural resources in the biologically rich and diverse land of Nepal.

While observing Chimps in Gombe, Jane Goodall inspired mankind to hold a higher sense of compassion and understanding for the mental and social capacity of animals. Hence, JGI-Nepal strives to conserve the flora and fauna in the region, while simultaneously advocating for and considering animal welfare. To meet its mission, JGI-Nepal collaborates with animal welfare programs and utilizes compassionate conservation techniques whilst promoting community awareness, and encouraging community development with sustainability and environmental consciousness.

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