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Jane Goodall keeps travelling more than 300 days per year. At any given time, she could be on any continent. On any given day, she could be speaking to a group of students, meeting with government officials to discuss conservation issues, sitting before television cameras being interviewed, or meeting with donors to raise funds for conservation programs.

Often, Jane holds public lectures during which she discusses her years at Gombe, the state of chimpanzees today, JGI’s programs, and each individual’s power to effect positive change. Jane is in great demand and known as an inspirational speaker who often moves her audiences to tears. Some people say their lives have been changed by Jane’s message and her example.

Jane has a special connection to young people. They respond not only to her passion for and curiosity about animals, but to her courage and hope for a better world. Reaching out to these young people is a high priority for Jane, and conservation education, as well as general education, is a critical part of JGI’s work today. Jane hears firsthand the voices of young people -- from Tanzania to China, North America to the United Kingdom – speaking of the need for change, their hopes, and their determination to make a better world. She carries their message to audiences all over the world.

This is Jane’s life today – sometimes exhausting, but always driven by purpose. Jane is determined to use just about every minute she has working to save chimpanzees and to empower people -- young and old -- to do what they can for a better world.

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