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Human - Wildlife Conflicts

Human - Monkey Conflict

Living in a biologically rich region of the world provides man with a myriad of responsibilities. Presently, JGI Nepal is spearheading the remediation of a conflict between the local villagers and Rhesus Macaques Monkeys in the Okharpauwa VDC in the Nuwakot district, twenty kilometers outside of the Kathmandu Valley.

An ever-increasing number of monkeys co-habit the fragmented forests along the periphery of the villages, raiding the croplands. Subsequently, they are toppling many of the villagers’ livelihoods, favoring the primary cash crops of maize and strawberries.

Currently, the villagers out of desperation and a lack of awareness are killing and publicly mutilating the monkeys to instill fear within the local troops. JGI Nepal, with the support of the Stichting AAP of the Netherlands, is taking action through the use of farmland conditioning, local sensitization, physio-surgical intervention and chemical intervention to create harmony between the villagers and its local primates.

Provided JGI-Nepal’s everlasting commitment to animal welfare, the actions it takes are performed under the auspices of elite veterinary care and with the intention of minimizing any discomfort possibly inflicted on the monkeys during the study.

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